From a writer to be a Product Designer.

Hi, my name is Tri Utomo, Product Designer with 4+ years of experience. I started my career as a writer. When I in junior high school, I decided to make a blog and share my article into that blog. From that blog a learn so much about digital marketing, SEO, and how to make my article can get position one in Search Engine like Google.

About Tri Utomo
About Tri Utomo

Learn how to code.

From blog I also learned about programming. Initially it was just for my blog customization needs, but over time I also studied front-end and back-end technologies.

Some of the technologies I learned:
HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Sass, Python, Bootstrap, Vue, React, Django, Node.JS

My Journey in Product Designer.

One day while exploring tricks in blog design, I came across an article on Medium that talk about Product Designer. Since then I have been looking for various references and started learn about it. And I realize that my passion was in Product Design

About Tri Utomo


Some of my skills

UI Design

UX Design

UX Research

UX Writing

Design System





Digital Marketing​


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